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solid construction of BOA bag openerThe BOA Bag Opener, Bale Breaker or Pre-Crusher

Are you looking for a high reliable bag opener, or perhaps a machine that crushes WEEE? BOA Recycling Equipment has developed three types of machines (with mostly equivalent features) for different purposes:

  • The BOA Bag opener, suitable for opening bags
  • The BOA bale breaker, fit for breaking bales
  • The BOA pre-crusher, suitable for breaking material such as WEEE, washing machines, LCD TV’s, etc.

breaking  hard plastic bales with BOA bale breakerThe three  different machines are all characterized by the same strengths. The BOA bag opener, bale breaker and pre-crusher have a strong and uncomplicated construction. The machines have one drum with solid hammers and a cam with teeth.  It does not cut, but breaks or tears the material. Being extremely reliable and easy to maintain, operational and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

BOA Bag Opener, Bale Breaker, Pre-Crusher in general

  • High throughput;
  • Wide range of capacities;
  • A constant material flow after opening or breaking;
  • Multi-purpose machines;
  • Extremely reliable;
  • Strong planetary drive.

planetary drive BOA Bag OpenerThe BOA bag opener, BOA bale breaker and BOA pre crusher are well-accessible for maintenance purposes. The machine opens hydraulically, without hard physical labor.

Effective bag opener, pre-crusher and bale breaker

The BOA bag opener
effectively opens bags, keeping the material inside the bags intact. The BOA bale breaker  easily breaks  different types of bales (e.g. paper or plastics. The BOA pre-crusher has special Hardox lining for more endurance to break specific types of material, such as washing machines.

BOA Bag Opener’s increasing popularity

BOA Recycling Equipment has sold over 11 machines since its development. The majority has been sold in Spain. The bag opener, bale breaker and pre-crusher have definitely proven their effectiveness and extreme reliability.


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