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Green Transport

The Electric Car Space Race - America vs China

America and China will be going head to head in theĀ  electric vehicle market. America and China will be ...

Monday, June 15,2009

The Eco F3

Speed trials are set to take place this month of an environmentally friendly Formula 3 car which a team o ...

Monday, June 15,2009

Tesla Car Review

The quickest hair-dryer around ? Something very, very wrong is happening. I'm flying along the windy, cyp ...

Monday, June 15,2009

Obama moves to improve car efficiency

President Barack Obama has announced groundbreaking plans to make cars more fuel efficient as part of an ...

Monday, June 15,2009

More Trains, Less Planes and Electric Automobiles?

The transport secretary, Lord Adonis, hit back at airline industry criticism of his high-speed rail plan ...

Thursday, August 6,2009