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WarmWave is a eco-heating technology that produces gentle, warm waves just like the natural warmth of the sun, these waves are absorbed into the fabric of the building. That warmth is then reflected back into the room from the walls, floors and the ceiling giving an even temperature throughout the room. Colds spots in the room, along with condensation, damp and mould are eliminated.

WarmWave has been used throughout Europe for many years and its economy, efficiency, elegant designs and health benefits are well documented. WarmWave technology uses far infrared (natural solar long waves) to create the warming effects of sunshine without harmful ultra violet rays.

As a rule of thumb the running costs are 1p per 100 watts per hour. A standard Studio 300 watt heater would heat an area of 10-12m2 would cost 3p per hour to run.

WarmWave heating technology

The difference between Warmwave heat and Convection heat ( Fan heater, Radiators ) is that Warmwave ( surface temperature between 85 and 130 Degrees Celsius )and warms only objects and walls by radiant heat.

Convection heaters ( surface temperature max 60 Degrees Celsius ) warm just the air. Which then rises to the ceiling out of the reach of where it is needed.

Warmwave has two heating effects : 1.) direct heat into the room and 2.) the warmed objects deliver later warmth back into the room.

Therefore Warmwave doesn’t need to be switched on constantly like convection heaters.

Unlike other heating systems nearly 100% of the energy input is converted into heat output whereas Convection heaters lose 30%-40% of the heat just by the fuel.  So this means that you need to run the heaters for less time than other systems and you receive a more comfortable heat on your body.

Unbeatable Advantages

    * Lower carbon footprint
    * No pipes, plumbing or maintenance needed
    * Low running costs
    * Slim design producing space savings
    * Amazing health benefits
    * Produces a more comfortable and gentle form of heat.

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