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Recycling Machinery Manufacturing

»Thursday, August 6,2009


The Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition at the N.E.C. Birmingham will soon be with us.  If you visited last year you may recall the huge graphic of a Mac 110/1 baler we used as a backdrop on the R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd stand. The stand attracted many wonderful visitors, but only a handful were in a position to purchase a baling press. There were three frantic days of activity followed by weeks of sorting the potential customers from those visitors who were just browsing.  This year we thought we would try a different approach.

For 2009 we have used the money we would normally spend on an exhibition stand to maintain our competitive edge and offer you baling equipment at competitive prices.  Instead of taking a stand at the show Paul Godfrey, R.C.P Macpress UK Sales Manager, will be visiting the exhibition to meet people who have an interest in continuous baling equipment.  Paul will visit you rather than you visiting him.  All of the information you require on Macpresse baling presses including: videos, specifications, brochures and details of the popular R.C.P five year maintenance programme will be to hand.  Paul will be available to answer all of your questions and offer whatever advice you need to allow you to make an informed decision on Macpresse equipment.  Whilst you can telephone Paul on his mobile telephone 07808 365866, when you are at the show and arrange to meet there and then it may be advisable to get in touch with him prior to the show to arrange your meeting.

R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd are the U.K. supplier of Macpresse machines.  Manufactured by Macpresse Europa s.r.l in Italy for more than sixty years, our range of baling presses offer the very best in advanced technology, build quality, low maintenance and low running costs.  Some might consider our machines to be more expensive, but they do the job they are designed for and with their low on going costs they offer excellent value for money.  

We are now able to offer our machines on Lease, tailored to your needs, payable over 12 months to seven years including flexible payment options and with or without our preventative maintenance package.

“Buy what appreciates, Rent what depreciates”
 J. Paul Getty

The Macpresse range of equipment has been tried and tested in many different environments, with many different materials over many years.  Computer modelling and analysis is all very good, but nothing can replace the knowledge gained by having 1000’s of  machines in operation spread across 5 continents  and using the hard facts gained from everyday use to modify and improve the range.  

Of the ten different baling presses that make up the Macpresse range three are L series baling presses, which are designed for processing municipal solid waste (MSW) and refuse derived fuel (RDF).  The heavily constructed frame of the L series is specifically designed for the harsh environment found in MSW and commercial waste operations.  Liners are manufactured from special steel alloy to reduce general wear and protect the baler from chemical attack by contaminated liquids (leachate). Liners are designed to withstand the abrasive action of the waste materials and the baling operation, yet they are easily replaced when worn. The L-series bale structure is elevated to keeping debris away from the tying mechanism while making cleaning easier.  Leachate released during the compaction cycle is collected for onward further processing.

The remaining models are designed to bale a wide range of materials: paper, plastic sheet, plastic bottles, plastic film, cardboard, paper, timber, beverage cans and food cans. The heavily constructed frame is specifically designed for the harsh environment found in recycling and commercial waste operations. The baling and the extrusion chamber are fully lined with “Hardrox 500” for longevity.  Liners can be easily and quickly replaced when needed. Macpresse continuous presses have the advantage that the material being baled can be changed without stopping the press, ensuring you are always operating at full production.  All Macpresse baling presses are complemented by ancillary equipment including: conveyors,fluffers, hoggers, sorting lines and computer monitoring systems.

Now of course you don’t have to take our word for it simply arrange to meet Paul at the exhibition and see for yourself. Ask to see video clips of the machines in operation and find out why it is wise to operate your machine below its maximum capacity to produce quality bales day, after day, after day.  

If you would like to meet Paul Godfrey at the Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition that is being held at the NEC Birmingham from the 15th to the 17th September, telephone the office now on 01952 630001 or visit


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