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Waste and Emissions»Solid Carbon Fix?

»Wednesday, May 6,2009

Scientists in Iceland are confident they can dispose of up 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide by turning it into solid rock.

The process would really on layers of volcanic rock deep beneath the surface, which would ultimately stop the harmful effect of the gas.

Geologists have been aware of the process for a long time, but the the need to reduce carbon emissions to try and halt global warming have meant that it was never long before man tried imitating natural processes.

Project Manager Holmfridur Sigurdartdottir said "This is a well-known natural process, We are just trying to imitate what nature is doing."

Geoscientists are hoping that by pumping the waste CO2 produced by a geothermal power plant, it will then combine with basalt 400-700m underground and solidify. The theory has been tested in laboratory conditions, but to do it a scale that is practical is, as yet unproven.

The experiment will start in August but could take up to a year to confirm results.





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