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Transport»The Electric Car Space Race - America vs China

»Monday, June 15,2009

Chinese Electric Cars S18America and China will be going head to head in the  electric vehicle market following around £1 Billion investment to be pumped into Chinese Car Industry over 3 years.

Many observers believe that China will soon overtake Japan as the world's second largest car manufacturer and it is hoped that the emerging super power will be producing 500,000 electric or hybrid cars per year by 2011.

The proposed investment comes as part of a larger £20 Billion scheme to develop renewable fuel and energy as well as environmental development across the board.

Much of this development will be ploughed into China's public network transport which is relied on heavily in a country were many less people own cars per capita than in the west. China has proposed that it will have 60,000 alternative fuel vehicles operating in their public transport network by 2012.

Early electric cars being introduced into the Chinese market include the S18, produced by the Chery Automobile Company.

Fully charged in four to six hours using a standard household socket, the S18 can travel up to 90 miles on a single charge.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “Electric cars have made little impact in Britain partly because of their limited range, but China is going to transform the market with this new crop of green vehicles.”

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