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Science & Technology»Forget Fields - the Future of Farming May be in Urban High Rises

»Tuesday, November 24,2009

While you might have to wait some time for your lunar lettuce, vertical farming technologies are increasing the possibilities of cultivating crops much more efficiently here on earth.

Moving farms into buildings might change the way much of humanity grows its food. And while vertical farming is on the cusp of blooming, the main hurdle isn’t technology; it’s one of engineering and funding.

"We know how to grow food inside," says Dickson Despommier of Columbia University. "That’s not the problem. What we don’t know yet is how to integrate that technology into a tall building. That appears to be a simple, but perhaps expensive engineering problem."

Known as the founder of the modern vertical farming concept, Despommier is a Public Health professor and stresses the urgency of changing the way humanity cultivates its food.

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