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Science & Technology»Enviro-Live Launches on World Earth Day

»Friday, May 8,2009

Earth Day Whilst not planned until recently we launch Enviro-Live on "World Earth Day", a date in our calendar that has been around since 1969, and was setup for many of the same reasons we have developed this site.

Our aim is a simple one, to promote issues of the day from all angles of the environmental debate, whilst at the same time providng the ultimate 'green' resource for industry and consumer. Features of the site include:

The Green Business Network Recommended companies supplying green products or taking green steps.

Green Online Shop a fast growing selection of some new and exciting 'environmentally friendly' products.

Greener Living and Greener Business Useful advice for both home and business on how to save energy, reduce costs and promote your green credentials.

Ask the Expert Want a difinitave answer to your environmental questions? We guarantee a reply within 24 hours and the sercvice is completly free.As with any good site, visitors will rely on quality of content, so we welcome any feedback no matter how criticial to ensure that we are providing a quality product.





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