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Government»Obama to Silence Critics?

»Monday, May 11,2009

The President ElectBarack Obama has certainly been turning heads with America's changing policy on climate change. And whilst nobody is questioning the commitment of the new US administration, many are wondering how they plan on tackling some of their more formidable opponents.

Ed Miliband, the British Energy Secetary believes the noises coming from the Obama Administration are positive, saying "There is no question about the change of direction and the change in terms of political will. The question is how far they go, and how quickly?"

This view was supported by a US governmental source, who was quoted as saying: "There is a real belief that we will make a difference. Yes we do know it's not going to be easy and yes we are well aware of the opposition, but not everybody likes change, sometimes it's a case of nesscessity".


Joint Session of CongressWhilst many have expected climate change to drop off the US agenda as a result of the economic downturn, President Obama has pledged to bring US emission down to 1990 levels by 2020 stating: "Our future on this planet depends on our willingness to address the challenge posed by carbon pollution."

US Congress is currently considering a Bill that could reduce domestic emissions by as much as 6 percent below 1990 levels, but this will be one of the early tests of Mr Obama's presidency. There are many states that will suffer economically if the Bill is passed as they still rely on older more pollutive energy stations and industry practices.





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