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Government»Budget Includes Renewables Funding

»Friday, June 5,2009


A Healthy Pile of Sterling CurrencyChancellor Alistair Darling is expected to include a further £500m of funding for reducing carbon emissions as well as an extra £40m to support an existing grants programme for renewable energies.

The Government are under increasing pressure from low carbon and renewable industries to increase spending, especially given the fact that many companies are relying on 'green' grants to help them pay for the environmentally friendly technologies their businesses rely on.

The hope is that the proposed funding, which adds to £500m announced in November will help stimulate growth in the Renewable energy sector, as well as create much needed jobs. But some industry insiders are taking a cautious approach until the exact details of the funding have been announced.

Britain is well behind its European counterparts in terms of its Renewable Energy program and any slip up now by Government would be costly in more ways than one.

Expect an update next week once we've all had a chance to look at the detail in all it's glory.





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