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Energy»Use the boiler scrappage scheme to buy a Heat Pump uk

»Friday, March 5,2010

Are you aware that the scheme also covers air source heat pumps such as our award-winning Ecodan® series?

Why spend money on a fossil fuel boiler when you can use the scheme to get a renewable energy product?

And don’t worry you will still get your £900 grant as well!!

That’s £1,300 available towards the installation of an Ecodan system.

We know that many homeowners will look to replace gas with gas as they think that this is the easiest solution, but Ecodan can work with existing radiators in a lot of cases, so it can simply and quickly be installed and will immediately help cut household fuel bills, without needing the customer to change their lifestyle in any way.

We are at the point where it actually makes little sense to carry on relying on gas.  Prices continue to rise year-on-year and even the most modern systems are less than 100 per cent efficient compared to Ecodan which can easily provide all the heating and hot water needed at efficiency levels of 300 or 400 per cent.

Ecodan can also work with older properties and will help cut CO2 emissions by half and reduce running costs by around 30 per cent over a gas boiler.  You may also be interested to hear that we have recently started manufacturing the system in the UK.

Q-Gen supplies a large range of Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps, including Bosch and Mitsubishi, suitable for all properties new and old. The best value in renewable technology!! Get your FREE estimate here.  
Q-Gen Heat Pumps saving you money with Renewable Energy Heat Pump technology is popular all over the world and is quickly becoming the first choice for self builders who wish to incorporate a renewable solution in to their home.
Q-Gen Heat Pumps offer quality Heat Pumps to our customers without the premium that is associated with renewable technology. With generous financial incentives we can facilitate the introduction of a Heat Pump in to your home with the minimum of disruption.  With a full range of supply and installation services we are confident in our delivery of the best technology at a price that suits you.

Products and Services
Q-Gen provides Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps from brands such as Bosch and Mitsubishi as well as our own manufactured brand. We can also offer you a simple commissioning service or full installation to go along with your Heat Pump purchase, the choice is yours. Q-Gen can give you free advice on what is the best and most cost effective solution for your home. We will quickly be able to establish if your project is suitable for a Heat Pump and give you honest feedback so that you can make an informed decision on what is most suitable for your home.
 We will quickly be able to establish if your project is suitable for a Heat Pump and give you honest feedback so that you can make an informed decision on what is most suitable for your home. Click here for a FREE estimate.

Why a Heat Pump makes financial sense
A Heat Pump can provide you with savings of up to 75% on the running costs of your heating and hot water. Because of these dramatic savings Heat Pumps can typically offer payback in less than 7 years which is extremely fast for any renewable technology.
With banks offering such low returns on savings there has never been a better time to invest in a renewable energy source that can save you money. With many of our products there is no scheduled maintenance, meaning that you are saving up to £180 a year in maintenance costs alone.   
Q-Gen can offer up to £2000 cash back on Ground Source models or alternatively we can provide MCS grants for our Air Source units. With all of our products marked at 0% VAT for new build properties and 5% VAT for existing properties so you can be assured of the most financial assistance possible when purchasing your Heat Pump. Click Here to see an animation of how it works.




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