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Energy»Jobs needed in wind!

»Monday, May 11,2009

Think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research came to this conclusion in a new paper they published today.

The paper says rapid expansion of the sector is needed to meet EC targets of 15% the UK's energy to come from renewable energy by 2020.

There is potential to create up to 70,000 jobs in areas of the country where they are most needed. It also says that more government support is needed to make the UK a global hub for offshore wind energy.

It claims that only one factory has been setup in the UK to make parts for turbines and only 700 people are employed in the sector.

Matthew Lockwood, Senior Research Fellow for ippr, said: "Offshore wind has great potential for UK jobs but we risk being blown off course.

"The government's pledge to achieve ambitious renewable energy targets by 2020 shows it is serious about its potential but we need to follow through with concrete policies to create greater certainty for industry, maximise the potential for the UK economy and realise our environmental goals."

The report also points to government backing for wind energy industry in Denmark, Spain and Germany saying that initiatives there have successfully provided stimulus for the sector.

This is the latest in a long line of reports to show that, despite having the best wind resources in Europe, the UK is failing to cash in on a potential boom area said the British Wind Energy association (BWEA)

BWEA director of Economics and Markets, Dr Gordon Edge said: "A host of independent studies has shown that the wind sector in the UK can be a motor for economic growth.

"Wind can provide clean, sustainable energy, while attracting investment and creating employment. It is a win-win situation, which, with the right policy framework in place, can benefit the country as a whole."





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