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Climate Change»Polar Bears to Live says Scientist

»Tuesday, June 23,2009

Scientists to release book desputing argument for armageddonIt is widely thought that the polar ice caps will melt, causing sea levels to rise, resulting in the loss of cities along the coast, as well as a the majority of polar bears.

And if global warming does not kill us, then obesity or heart disease will thanks to an addiction to junk food and salt


But a new book, compiled by Stanley Feldman, a professor of anaesthetics at London University, and Vincent Marks, a former professor of clinical biochemistry and dean of medicine at the University of Surrey, are questioning the end of the world and healthy eating tips.

Writing in The Daily Mail, the pair discuss Global Warming And Other --------: The Truth About All Those Science Scare Stories, where they examine the "facts" behind global warming, the future of polar bears and chef Jamie Oliver's nemesis, Turkey Twizzlers.

The Sun is behind Global Warming

Rather than man-made CO2 being responsible for global warming, they argue that there is evidence it is caused in part by the increase in the intensity of the Sun's heat.

CO2 levels

Although the level of CO2 is higher than the "pre-industrial" level – today it is about 0.038 per cent of the atmosphere, compared to 0.02 per cent, carbon dioxide levels have often been as much as 10 times higher than they are today.

Polar bears and penguins are not dying out

Most populations of polar bear are doing well. Despite the melting in the Arctic ice cap, numbers have more than doubled since 1950. They are also good swimmers. Although some Antarctic penguin colonies are decreasing in size, their numbers are also steady.

The Gulf Stream is not under threat

The Gulf Stream is as strong as ever, and getting warmer. There is no evidence to suggest the Arctic ice melting is pushing it further south.

The Maldives are not sinking

Maldives property owners are so confident the sea is receding, they are building a number of upmarket seafront hotels. Tuvalu in the Pacific, often seen as being most at risk of flooding, has actually seen a fall in sea levels.

Global warming might be good for us: Warmer climate and an increase in CO2 could be good for farming and agriculture. Less severe winters will also allow more crops to be grown.

There are few 'bad' foods

Fears about hamburgers are irrational. Most countries' national dish is based on minced meat, with none suffering from a junk food-related epidemic. Obesity is not caused by these foods, but by those who gorge on it.

Organic food is no better for you

Plant nutriment comes from the air, in the form of CO2, and from water-soluble chemicals in the soil. By the time organic foods – thought to not contain "chemicals" used in large-scale conventional farming – reach your plate, it is all the same.

Turkey Twizzlers are fine

It is made of recovered turkey meat and provides the same amino acids as normal turkey breast.

There is no need to cut back on salt

Salt is an essential food. We need salt to control our body temperature through sweating. Exercise in a person with low salt can cause overheating, and in extreme cases, death.

We do not know what causes heart disease

Many people with high cholesterol do not get heart disease. Many people with very low levels do. It may have more to do with cultural variations. Indeed, populations with a diet high in saturated fat, such as the Inuit or Siberian hunter-gatherers, have some of the lowest cholesterol.

Mercury fillings are probably harmless: A single amalgam filling provides 0.03 micrograms/day of mercury, almost 3,000 times less the safety level permitted for persons with occupation exposure to mercury.

:: Global Warming And Other --------: The Truth About All Those Science Scare Stories, by Prof Stanley Feldman and Prof Vincent Marks, is published July 8.





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