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Climate Change»Highest Arctic C02 Levels in 50m Years

»Wednesday, July 15,2009

Highest C02 in 50m YearsA Research Station situated in the Artic has announced that C02 levels, have reached their highest level in 50 million years.

Announced by the Zeppelin research station in Svalbard, northern Norway, the findings are alarming some industry insiders. Johan Stromm a Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the Norwegian Polar Institue said "These are the highest levels collected in 50 million years,"


"It is not the level of CO2 that is the problem, because the earth will adapt. What is very worrying is the speed of change. Levels [here] are now increasing 2-3ppm a year.

"The rate of increase is much faster than only 10-20 years ago. You can almost see the changes taking place. Never before have CO2 levels increased so fast," he said.

Measured in ppm (Parts Per Million), the annual growth rate of C02 has risen from 2.14ppm in 2007 to a staggering 2.5ppm. Between 1970 and 2000 the increase was recorded as an average of 1.5ppm, but in the last 9 years, the increase in levels seems to be spiralling out of control.

Whilst levels of Carbon Dioxide are usually higher in the northern hemisphere, this to some is a more accurate indication of man made pollution, as it is north of the equator that has by far the majority of industrialised nations.

High C02 levels, directly relate to rising sea levels and would also appear to be increasing at an accelerated growth. In fact it is believed that the rate of increase is twice that, of the 1970's.





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