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Climate Change»Climate Change Distasters To Increase

»Tuesday, June 2,2009

Torando DamageNatural Disaster increase from Global Warming will affect 375 million a year.

Oxfam claim that, the 252 million people affected by climate related natural disasters is set to increase by 54% as a direct result of global warming.


Whilst this may seem like an exgeratted figure, it takes into account not only extreme weather conditions, but also water and airborne disease which is a direct result of warmer, wetter climates.

There are many areas worldwide notably in Asia that will suffer from this and Oxfam believe that the existing aid support network will not be able to cope with the increase.

In addition, the aid agency wants the world to commit at least $50 billion (£34 billion) every year to helping poorer countries adapt to global warming as part of any international agreement decided at the end of the year to tackle climate change.

There is a strong  belief amongst many people, that ultimately it is the poorer, less developed nations that will ultimatly pay the price, as climate change accelerates.





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