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Kent Plasterboard Recycling Facility

»Friday, August 7,2009

In a bid to help reduce the millions of tonnes of plasterboard ending up in landfill each year, Countrystyle Group has opened a dedicated plasterboard recycling and gypsum recovery operation at its facility in Ridham, Kent.

The facility is expected to divert between 20,000 to 40,000 tonnes of plasterboard from landfill annually. Not only will this help protect the environment from unnecessary dumping, but it will also significantly reduce the associated costs with landfill whilst recovering gypsum material for reuse.

Situated beside its state of the art Organics Recycling facility, which opened last year, it is the next step in the company’s drive towards a greener region.

Typically, a percentage of plasterboard ends up as waste on every construction project where it is used. Sending this to landfill wastes tonnes of valuable gypsum. However, Countrystyle Group’s new operation will turn that around and recover this material for reuse.

As part of the process, Countrystyle Group will be working with Knauf Drywall, one of Europe's leading plasterboard manufacturers. Knauf Drywall operates one of the region’s largest plasterboard factories less than half a mile from Countrystyle Group’s Ridham operation. The companies, who already work together on other recycling projects, will be collaborating on the plasterboard operation.

Re-use in plasterboard manufacturing is currently the only volume solution to the use of recycled gypsum.  Whilst technically challenging, Knauf Drywall has developed the know-how to successfully use recycled gypsum in their process.  This will have a major impact on reducing landfill and also reducing the use of virgin raw materials.

The service is available across the South East with Countrystyle Group providing plasterboard collecting in one of three methods: collection by high cube walking floor articulated vehicles, RollOn/Off bin vehicles and RollOn/Off closed containers which are suitable for civic amenity sites.

Niall Cormac-Walshe, Operations Director comments “Due to the new legislation coming into force in April which actually precludes gypsum being sent to landfill, Countrystyle Group have dedicated themselves to assisting private companies and the public sector in playing their part in developing a greener nation, whilst saving extensive and unnecessary costs.  Although we have always played our part in the recycling of gypsum our new facility will enable us to sustain the increased demand to divert gypsum waste away from landfill completely in the future”.

For further information on the new plasterboard recycling service please speak to Niall Cormac-Walshe, Operations Director or visit the company’s website


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