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Industrial Second Stage Shredder

»Tuesday, October 13,2009

Innovative TR2500 technology for leading disposal experts

Nemetz AG, a leading provider of alternative fuels – chooses the new and highly efficient UNTHA TR2500 second stage shredder


UNTHA shredding technology has introduced a completely new concept to the second stage shredding market for alternative Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) substances. This series has been specially developed for alternative fuel applications.

The new TR series offers some new high-tech benefits, such as a quick-change cutter system, a hydraulic foreign body ejection system and high-pin-count drive technology.  

One of Austria’s largest processing plants for alternative waste derived fuels is Nemetz Disposal and Transport AG Nemetz.  The company has been processing alternative fuel substances since 2000 and is now considered one of the most experienced providers in this specialized field. 

Due to the increase in the use of alternative fuel sources Nemetz has decided to invest in our TR2500 top of the line secondary-shredder. This is now the ninth shredder in operation at the disposal plant in Himberg, located just south of Vienna.

‘There are only a handful of plants that can claim more than 130,000 hours of shredding operation. So it was important for us to prove the value of our technology to this particular customer’, explained Christian Lanner, Head of Development at UNTHA Shredding Technology

Herbert Prammer, owner of Nemetz AG, listed the following reasons for purchasing the new TR2500: ‘As pioneers in the field of alternative RDF processing we are interested in every new development within this sector. We have been very impressed by the simple operation and easy serviceability of the shredder. We were delighted that UNTHA were prepared to grant us a 3-month trial period. The highly cooperative relationship with UNTHA has shown them to be reliable suppliers of machinery and long term associates able to help us stay ahead of the competition despite the increasingly difficult market conditions.

Other benefits of this machine include the easy replacement of cutters in less than 45 minutes and the simplicity of maintenance procedures. In developing this second stage shredder particular attention was paid to accessibility to machine parts for the purposes of easy servicing and fast repair work. Both the foreign body removal door and the screen will open automatically at the push of a button. The side-mounted (glass fibre reinforced plastics) protective covers allow instant access to the most important parts of the drive system without having to dismantle the protective cover. This reduces entire plant downtime to an absolute minimum.

The attention given to the design of the machine as well as the use of glass fibre reinforced plastics as a major building material is a first in the shredding industry and will probably find its way into other future UNTHA developments. Furthermore, additional insulation at critical locations has considerably reduced emissions compared to previous systems.


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