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Nova Heat Glass by Fair OakEver wondered what the next window innovation will be?

Imagine a home, work place or leisure area where the sole heat source is the windows.
Imagine the benefits of no radiators, no plumbing to install, no underfloor or solar heating.

Heatglass. The heat of the moment.

WarmWave Wales are the sole UK provider of timber windows and doors using a remarkable electrically heated glass unit system that works on a radiant heat shield applied to the inner glazing of the double glazed unit. The glass effectively acts as your radiator.

The cold air outside, which would traditionally draw the warmth from the room thru the glazing, is deflected by a reflected  coating applied to the inside of the outer glazing.

The result is radiated glass that can work as your single heat source and also eliminates any condensation normally caused by the two heat extremes either side off the window. And radiant heat is considered to be the most effective, healthy, comfortable and energy efficient form of heating. Indeed, test have proven that this method of double glazing installed in a home saves around 25% energy compared to radiator systems.

Double glazing is no longer the source of heat loss - it’s the extreme opposite

The heating works quickly and maintains a constant heat in the room. Again, rooms would normally be colder by the windows even if the radiators were positioned right below them. Due to this, the temperature in a room is much easier to control.

Various projects around the UK have utilized this amazing new innovation, specifically new builds, refurbishments, conservatories,orangery’s and extensions and, of course, indoor swimming pools where condensation levels are at the extreme.

The benefits

• Maintenance free
• Eliminates condensation
• Reduces dust in the room - ideal for allergy sufferers
• Reduces drafts due to no convection currents
• Space saving due to no raditors or other heaters
• Cost effective to install and operate
• Virtually unbreakable
• Reduced energy bills
• Can achieve Zero carbon or any code level for
sustainable homes
• Allows the architect/designer to use much greater
areas of glazing whilst still achieving u values as low
as .7 and very low solar gain.

Can be used in conjunction with other systems:

• Can be linked to fully computerized control systems
• Heated mirrors - no condensation in bathrooms
• Can be used with laminated and patterned glass
• Can be used in conjunction with Smart glass
• Can be combined with internal blinds
• Can be linked up to an alarm system
• Can be used in conjunction with pv solar panels
• Can be constructed using self cleaning glass
• Units can be produced and factory fitted into the entire Fairoak
range of products

Recommended Companies

WarmWave Wales
The Sole UK Provider of the Eco Nova Heated Glass Systems and quality timber oak, and timber renewable construction materials.


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