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Teach your kids how to recycle!!

»Monday, April 26,2010

Do you want to help save the planet, or at the very least, make it a better place to live? Here are some great tips provided from kids like you:

  • Check with your town/city municipal offices. Most now have recycling programs. If they do, be sure to participate. Pick up your blue/green box and be sure to put at the curb each week!
  • Does your school have a recycling program? If not, find out why. If they do, be sure to encourage students and teachers to use the blue/green box!
  • Plastic bags can be used over and over again. Instead of throwing in the trash, use in trash bins, use to pick up "doggy doo", use to carry stuff to school. Some grocery stores will take your plastic bags back!
  • Many stores now offer canvas bags for a small fee. Use these instead of plastic. Don't forget to occasionally wash them!
  • All that artwork you have draw over the years makes great gift wrap -- or, you can make a wonderful scrapbook.
  • Don't throw out paper if one side is blank. You can cut in squares and use the unused side for a notepad.
  • Toilet paper and paper towel rolls are often used in crafts. If you don't need them, check with your local day care center - they may have a use for them.
  • Egg crates, both Styrofoam and cardboard are also great for making crafts, or make cool storage boxes for small items.
  • Do you have toys you no longer play with? Why not donate to a local charity, day care or church youth group?
  • Clothes can also be donated to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Clean out your drawers and closets today.
  • Magazines can be donated to hospitals. Many will take for patients and/or waiting rooms. Other offices may also take your previously read magazines for their waiting rooms. Magazines are also used in a lot of crafts.
  • Many companies now recycle cell phones. Check where you purchased yours. If you are thinking of getting a new one, don't throw yours in the trash -- it may be recycled.
  • Ink cartridges for computer printers may also be recycled. Check at your local computer store for a recycle drop box.
  • Computer hardware, like the central processing unit, monitor, keyboards, etc. may be donated to organizations that refurbish and give to those less fortunate. Check your yellow pages for such organizations.
  • Have a garage sale! many items you may not want others will scoop up. Encourage Mom and Dad clear all the unwanted household items. You will also make some cash in the process!
  • Wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons and bows can all be reused over and over. When unwrapping gifts be sure to save all the paper.
  • Plastic containers, especially those with lids can be used again. After use, wash out and save. They make great storage containers for nails, coins, or any small item you might collect. The same goes for glass jars that can be used again and again.


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