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Commercial Inkjet and Toner Recycling


Recycling of pre-consumer waste toner is practised by most manufacturers. Classifying toner to the desired size distribution produces off-size rejects, but these become valuable feedstocks for the compounding operation, and are recycled this way. Post-consumer waste toner appears primarily in the cleaning operation of the photo-printing machine. In early printers, as much as 20 to 25% of feed toner would wind up in the cleaner sump and be discarded as waste. Improved printer efficiencies have reduced this waste stream to lower levels. Some printer designs have attempted to divert this waste toner back into the virgin toner reservoir for direct reuse in the printer; these attempts have met with mixed success. Some consideration and fewer industry attempts have been made to reclaim waste toner by cleaning it and "remanufacturing" it.

Impact Inkjet & Toner Recycler Ltd

Based in North Kent and established in 2006, Impact Inkjet & Toner Recycling provides business to business recycling facilities for companies in London and the South East.  » Read more about Impact Inkjet & Toner Recycler Ltd

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