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Some examples of sustainable building materials include recycled denim or blown-in fiber glass insulation, sustainably harvested wood, Trass, Linoleum, sheep wool, concrete (high and ultra high performance, roman self-healing concrete), panels made from paper flakes, baked earth, rammed earth, clay, vermiculite, flax linnen, sisal, seegrass, cork, expanded clay grains, coconut, wood fibre plates, calcium sand stone, locally-obtained stone and rock, and bamboo, which is one of the strongest and fastest growing woody plants, and non-toxic low-VOC glues and paints.

Sustainable Building and Construction

  1. Code Consultants
  2. Energy Efficient Heating
  3. Energy Efficient Lighting
  4. Energy Management
  5. Facilities Management
  6. Green Building Materials
  7. Green Homes
  8. Landscaping
  9. Rainwater Harvesting
  10. Solar Power
  11. Sustainable Architecture
  12. Sustainable Materials
  13. Sustainable Refurbishment
  14. Utilities
  15. Wind Power
  16. Environmental Research and Consultancy
  17. Environmentally Friendly and 100% Recycled Products
  18. Green Money
  19. Green Office
  20. Low Emission and Green Transport
  21. Renewable Energies
  22. Waste and Recycling