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Water-Proofing and Protection

Green Building Materials

NanoTech Solutions

Nanotech (UK) Solutions Ltd is the UK Distributor for the products of Nanophos SA Nanophos SA invents clever materials that solve everyday problems. By harnessing nanotechnology, we seek to create a functional environment that enables comfort and trouble-free living.  » Read more about NanoTech Solutions

  •  Waterproofing and Protection 
  •  Roof Tile Surface Water Repellent 
  •  Paint Water Repellent 
  •  Granite Surface Stain Protector 
  •  Building Development and Construction 
  •  Acrylic Paint Thermal Insulator 
  • Earth and Reed Ltd

    Earth and Reed was established as East Anglia's first Eco-Building and Decorating Centre¬† in 2000 by Christopher North and Margery Ward.¬† They sell their sustainable building and decorating materials throughout Britain.  » Read more about Earth and Reed Ltd

  •  Plinth Paint 
  •  Non-Toxic & Breathable Paints 
  •  Natural Sustainable Paints 
  •  Natural Insulation Materials 
  •  Lime and Limewash 
  •  Fence and Barn Paint 
  •  Emulsions 
  •  ecostain 
  • Sustainable Building and Construction

    1. Code Consultants
    2. Energy Efficient Heating
    3. Energy Efficient Lighting
    4. Energy Management
    5. Facilities Management
    6. Green Building Materials
    7. Green Homes
    8. Landscaping
    9. Rainwater Harvesting
    10. Solar Power
    11. Sustainable Architecture
    12. Sustainable Materials
    13. Sustainable Refurbishment
    14. Utilities
    15. Wind Power
    16. Environmental Research and Consultancy
    17. Environmentally Friendly and 100% Recycled Products
    18. Green Money
    19. Green Office
    20. Low Emission and Green Transport
    21. Renewable Energies
    22. Waste and Recycling